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Analysis of NSK new rolling bearing in Japan

Analysis of NSK new rolling bearing in Japan

NSK new rolling bearing having a "TL" Characteristics of roller bearings 

Analysis of NSK new rolling bearing in Japan

"TL" refers to the original properties of steel for special treatment, so as to obtain dimensional stability at high temperature and a raceway surface hardness, but also has an ordinary carburized steel same raceway surface residual compressive stress. Spherical roller bearings are most vulnerable to damage from the inner fatigue, for the analysis of the Japanese company NSK inner mechanism of fracture, and established a method to assess the strength, we developed a new bearing structure for high-temperature drying of paper production device. This has "TL" (Tough and Long Life ) performance of the new bearing, good toughness, long life.

Structure papermaking dryer cylinder in the high temperature equipment used, as shown in FIG. In operation the device generates heat expansion, up to a temperature of 200 ~ 250 ℃. Such high temperatures so that the probability of failure is greatly increased fracture of the inner ring. To solve the problem of breakage of the inner ring, the inner ring can be prevented by eliminating the temperature difference between the inner cylinder and the increased hoop stress. The methods for the cooling or adiabatic cylinder sleeve bearing member with the heat generated by a hollow insulating cylinder. The practical application of these methods make use of mechanical devices are complex structures, so the best way is to enhance the fatigue resistance of the bearing itself. The inner ring has a high fracture resistance, better than bainitic steel and bearing steel. 

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